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Bright From the Start, ♂rafar ()
Three overarching concepts should guide everyday interactions between you and your child: Attention, Bonding, and Communication. Attention refers to the ability to use the brain’s energy to pay attention, which we have recently learned is partly wired as early as age one. Face-to-face interactions and certain kinds of play can help children attend better and longer. Many technologies, on the other hand, threaten a child’s attention span or steal time from more valuable live interactions. For kids under age two, TV, videos, and computers are posing a special risk. Bonding develops security, the cornerstone of normal brain development. Touch, for example, is now known to release brain chemicals that impact attachment. Discoveries about how bonding influences very primal parts of the brain means that choosing infant child care should involve different considerations from choosing care for a toddler or preschooler. Communication includes understanding speech, learning to talk, and activities that will later influence learning to read. Given what’s been learned about the fascinating principles the brain operates on, there are many ways you can “prime the pump” for speaking and reading. Supporting your child in these three areas provides the foundation that’s necessary for successful future learning and development. You’ll learn everyday ways to do this. Little things really do add up.