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Zaprzyjaźnione serwisy
Koniec rzeki

Koniec rzeki

Tytuł oryginalny River's end

Autor Nora Roberts
Dodane przez ♂bart ()
Forma powieść
Gatunek romans
Rok pierwszego wydania 1999
Tagi romans, miłość, związek, uczucia, emocje, Kalifornia, kobieta
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Od wydawcy

Córka słynnej kiedyś gwiazdy filmowej prowadzi schronisko w pięknym leśnym zakątku Kalifornii. Tu może zapomnieć o tragedii z dzieciństwa. Ale nagle przeszłość ożywa. Ktoś zakłóca spokój górskiego ustronia. A Olivia staje twarzą w twarz z koszmarem sprzed lat i z rodzącym się w jej sercu uczuciem...

[Wydawnictwo Amber]
Czteroletnia Olivia Tanner jest świadkiem zabójstwa matki, hollywoodzkiej gwiazdy filmowej. Po tej tragedii dziewczynką opiekują się dziadkowie, którzy prowadzą górskie schronisko w pięknym leśnym zakątku Kalifornii. Ze wszystkich sił starają się, żeby Olivia zapomniała o wydarzeniach z dzieciństwa. Ale po dwudziestu latach przeszłość niespodziewanie ożywa. W górskim ustroniu pojawia się młody reporter kryminalny, usiłujący odkryć prawdę o słynnej zbrodni. Olivia staje twarzą w twarz z koszmarem sprzed lat... i z rodzącym się w jej sercu uczuciem.

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Opinie i recenzje

♂bart (), dodano 2007-10-24
from Amazon.com
Olivia MacBride and her parents, a fairy-tale Hollywood family, had everything--fame, fortune, and love. But when 4-year-old Olivia awakens one night to find her mother brutally murdered and her father, Sam, standing over her corpse, the little girl's dreamland dissolves before her very eyes.

Whisked away to the sanctuary of the Olympic Peninsula by her grandparents, Olivia learns to bury the past deep within her. Determined to protect herself from painful memories, Olivia limits her life to the emerald rain forests and the River's End resort. Years later, when Noah Brady arrives on her doorstop, Olivia allows her defenses to slip and opens herself to the passion that sparks between them.

When she learns that Noah is fascinated with her mother's death and is writing a tell-all novel, Olivia is devastated. But as Noah helps Olivia acknowledge the lingering effects of her painful memories, she learns to trust him again. With careful research and the apparent cooperation of Sam, Noah begins to unravel the mysteries of that night. However, soon after Sam's release from prison, dangerous threats begin to pursue Noah and Olivia. When the killer enters the serenity of their world, Noah and Olivia must face the dark secrets of the past, or fail to secure a safe future.

With the same skills that earned her the 1997 Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, Nora Roberts convincingly peers into the complex minds and motivations of her characters. Though Roberts stumbles in her attempt to write with the voice of a 4-year-old child, her luscious descriptions of Hollywood glamour and rain forest wilderness ring realistic and true. Both longtime fans and new readers alike will enjoy the intriguing suspense and electric passion in this romantic thriller. --Nancy R.E. O'Brien --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Publishers Weekly
Her signature florid style again serving a suspenseful mystery combined with a fated romance, bestselling Roberts (Hot Ice) tells a Helter Skelter-type Hollywood horror story lurid with murder, drugs and insanity. One summer night in 1979, four-year-old Olivia Tanner finds her doped-up father, Sam, bloodied shears in hand, poised over the dead body of her movie-star mom. Haunted by the image of "the monster" pursuing her, Olivia is sent to live with her grandparents in the Pacific Northwest, where she is sheltered from her memories by towering Douglas firs. Two decades later, the specter of the "monster" returns. From prison, her father urges young investigative reporter Noah Brady?son of the police detective who discovered Olivia after the murder?to research the crime. Noah accepts this task eagerly, heedless of Olivia's rebuffs and undeterred by violence and danger, especially after Olivia begins to remember the crime. The denouement brings both of them into a bloody confrontation with the past. Roberts's careful research, particularly into the ecosystems of the forests of the Pacific Northwest, makes for vibrant background detail. Her artful manipulation of the plot, contrived so that amour and horror escalate in tandem, reaffirms her ability to deliver entertaining fiction. 275,000 first printing; 300,000 ad/promo; Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club main selection; author tour.
♂bart (), dodano 2007-10-24
From School Library Journal
YA-Life changes completely for four-year-old Olivia McBride the night she encounters the monster standing over her mother holding a pair of scissors covered with blood. Until then, she had been the only child of one of Hollywood's most glittering couples, dearly loved by her parents and loving them in return. But the monster, with her father's face, takes away her mother forever. She is whisked away from Hollywood and all the publicity surrounding the murder and her father's subsequent trial and imprisonment to live with her mother's loving and protective family. Growing up in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Olivia's monster is almost forgotten until a young writer, contacted by her father, agrees to write a book about the events of that night so many years ago. Thus, the monster that has been at bay for so long is reawakened. This novel, with elements of suspense and romance, also has vivid and atmospheric geographical descriptions.
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